HAHA specializes in on-demand research and design, and content, process and asset management, for culturally- and aesthetically-motivated projects spanning a variety of fields.

In addition to contract research and design assistance, HAHA provides architectural, landscape, graphic, event and interior decorative design consultation to institutions and the general public. Design solutions vary by project but in general emphasize technical rigor, ecological sensitivity and the economic as well as aesthetic benefits of well-thought-out custom design solutions. Project and content management are also offered.



What everyone shares is always already an elegant universe; we are the agents of its inherent beauty. To that end, ours is a pragmatic practice grounded in the constant re-determination of the here and now as media for what might, could, should and most importantly can be. It is from this determination that HAHA creates situations somehow of greater efficacy, equity or efficiency, to better sustain, satisfy, support and supplement life’s unabated progress towards the best of all possible worlds. The purpose of such actions is always to manifest eminently but perhaps not-before-palpably possible networks of new relationships and experiences, sublime in their relativity of their selves¬†and our world and its parts (here, now, forever, never, never again, and/or maybe even not yet). The world is our context and the world is our frame.