House in Litchfield, CT


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 Location: Litchfield, Connecticut
 Date of Completion: 2018
 Program: Single family home
 Size: 1400-1800 SF
 Cost of Work: $100/psf (new construction); $170K total

After completing work with another architect, clients contracted HAHA for the partial revision and total completion of extant plans for a new construction, 1,400 to 1,800 square foot single family residence, to be constructed on their wooded, river-fronting 6 ac. plot in rural northern Connecticut.

Design strategies emphasize economy, efficiency and durability, while also seeking to maximize overall aesthetic quality and to capitalize on the qualities of the chosen site. A contemporary approach borrowing from vernacular and/or historical models incorporates sculptural interventions additional design operations that reflect the client desires for a structure that is low maintenance and amenable for both the their needs as they age, as well as the ease of use by future generations of occupants. It is intended to construct the dwelling for under $100/square foot, while achieving an anticipated lifespan of over 100 years.

Wood frame, masonry, pre-cast and cast-in-place structural systems have been considered, in deference to their long-term viability and client budget. The
structure shall incorporate a small basement for utilities access and related equipment, tankless water heating and be solar-ready. Heating and air conditioning is provided by a conventional system, supplemented by client-specified wood stoves.  Water will be sourced from an on-site well.