Cover of I AM STARVING, a study of imagery in Keeping Up with the Kardashians, coming 2017 from REBOOT
Cover of I AM STARVING, a study of imagery in Keeping Up with the Kardashians, coming 2020 from REBOOT

Location: Online
Date of Completion: 2015-2016; 2019-
Program: Experimental project series
Scope: 25 sponsored projects, total
Cost of Work: TBD

REBOOT is an imprint of punctum books ✶ brooklyn, ny. Its purpose is to foster new types of inquiry for the Internet age, as carried out aesthetically across novel reinterpretations of book form. Building simultaneously on internally produced, openly-solicited and sponsored content, REBOOT aims to develop a sustained, open, interdisciplinary, multimedia dialogue of innovative projects through progressive, independent and reputable open-access publishing.

Conceptually, the imprint follows the maxim that there is value in ideas that are extraordinarily simple, as parerga for transformative change. Its overall conception is therefore minimal and broad, in order to facilitate maximum possible innovation and adaptation, over inevitable shifts of time, culture and technology. The only structural restrictions placed on the imprint will be its management and the editorial powers that that management assumes. There will be no restrictions on potential subject matter, design, methodology or format.

Responsibilities for REBOOT and its editorial management shall exceed that of traditional publishing, to include web and software development as well as some operations more normatively conducted by a general contractor. Publications will be distributed in traditional and new media formats, or following entirely new modalities. Series, periodicals, single pieces, as well as non-traditional publishing projects organized around assemblage, duration, place or performance are all welcome for consideration.

The imprint will be wholly managed by HAHA, pro bono. A soft launch was initiated with the long format live-streaming show SCOPEOUT, in October 2015. The first official project, Keep It Dirty, Volume 2, a series of site-specific interventions to be located in the Mojave Desert, will be initiated late 2019. HAHA aims to release/produce four to six (4-6) projects per year, following an average turnaround time of eighteen months (18 mo.).