Date of Completion: 2015
Program: Research and analysis; composition and editing;
Twitter handle management (temporary)
Scope: > 1000 140-character “tweets”

Beginning at 8 AM (CST) Friday, November 7, 2014 and continuing daily through January 31, 2015, internationally renowned conceptual artist Mary Ellen Carroll’s PUBLIC UTILITY 2.0 “tweeted” over 1000 entries correlating the histories of infrastructure, community, resource extraction, the built environment and spectrum utilization.

PUBLIC UTILITY 2.0 is a propositional work to retrofit unused television frequencies (UHF) for networking and connectivity for the underserved. It was a commission for Prospect.3 New Orleans under the artistic direction of Franklin  Sirmans, the Terri and Michael Smooke Department Head and Curator of Contemporary Art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The Twitter initiative, part of Carroll’s ongoing project PUBLIC UTILITY 2.0, broadcastws an astounding array of primary and third-party documentation, offering its complicated history as part of a public dialogue about how our national resources are utilized. The Twitter initiative took place using the username, “@publicutility2.” Samuel Jacobson contributed the bulk of necessary research, authored the tweets, and managed their release over Twitter.

With Carroll, Jacobson and team contend that ground up approaches in the public realm represent the most effective policy method both locally and internationally. @publicutility2 represents a pivotal moment in the history of art and architecture, as culture and content production continue to shift towards the digital and wireless networked communications.

PUBLIC UTILITY 2.0 encompasses Carroll’s latest vision is for connectivity for under-resourced communities. It proposes shifting conventional urban planning from the street plan to the elevation plan where it will combine unused TV channels (Super WIFI), emblematic cultural symbols and cutting-edge wireless technology developed by Rice University for the underserved. Documentation about Public Utility 2.0 was presented at the American Institute for Architects in New Orleans at Lee Circle as a part of Prospect.3 New Orleans.

While complete before the founding of HAHA, @publicutility2 is emblematic of our work and skills.